Brigid is an experienced Driver of Digital Innovation and will enable companies to develop a frame of reference to define and understand the trends that matter to your sector. Brigid will undertake an internal health check to understand the strategic risks and opportunities to future proof your business and help develop an Innovation Framework to manage the Innovation pipeline and respond to the trends.

A clear sense of direction helps future proof your business. Brigid advises, informs and helps make sense of our rapidly changing business world, solving a wide range of challenges including identifying issues, working with management teams to understand the problems, defining your purpose, vision and values and understand your customer proposition. Brigid brings clarity to the changing context of your business and challenges your assumptions to co-create plans for the future.

Clarity of information and purpose are essential for committees and boards to make effective decisions. We will review the composition, core purpose and effectiveness of your boards and committees and establish clear standards for communication, agenda setting and board papers. This ensures consistency and clarity, facilitating better decision making.

Brigid provides coaching services to senior leaders on matters such as career progression, career change, overcoming challenges, personal resilience and first 100 days.